1) What is my initial Investment?

Supreme Smoothie Franchises are available for the following costs. Single Unit Franchisees: The owner has the right to develop one store. The Franchise fee is $ 20,000.00

2) What Type of locations fit into Supreme Smoothie® Site Criteria?

Supreme Smoothie Franchises are generally 1,000 to 1,500 Square feet Smaller or larger stores are an option. They are usually located in Community strip centers and neighborhoods, college campuses, shopping Malls, Large power centers, airports, workout facilities, downtown business centers. The ideal area has the right demographic characteristics, Traffic patterns, Parking, the predominant character of the neighborhood and commercial Building.

3) Are there any continuing or ongoing fees after I pay the initial franchise fee?

Yes. The Franchisee will pay a continuing monthly non-refundable royalty Fee during the term equal to the following:

1. $1,000 per month for the first year
2. $1,100 per month for the second year
3. $1,250 per month for the third year
4. $1,400 per month for the fourth year
5. $1,500 per month for the fifth year
6. In the sixth year, an amount equal to the greater of $1,500 per month or 5% of the amount reflected in the monthly gross revenue report. After 10 units are open their will be a monthly advertising contribution to the marketing fund during the term not to exceed $500 per month.

4) What Experience or Skills do I need to open a small business?

No experience is necessary or required Just the desire to prosper. We provide step by step training at Supreme Smoothie® corporate office including basic management training. You also receive hands on training at one of our Supreme Smoothie® location.

5) Do I have to run the Store?

No, You are not required to run your facility. But most of your successful Establishments are those who are run or operated by the owner(s) or a veteran retail manager.

6) How much money can I make from Supreme Smoothie® Establishment?

Supreme Smoothie® does not furnish or authorize it's sales person to furnish any oral or written information concerning the actual or potential sales, costs, Income or profits of your Supreme Smoothie Franchise. Actual results vary from Franchise to Franchise, and Supreme Smoothie® cannot estimate the results of any, particular Franchise.

7) Does Supreme Smoothie® make revenue on approved Supplies and Suppliers?

No, Supreme Smoothie® nor its affiliates derives revenues as a result of your purchases or leases in accordance with Supreme Smoothie®'s standards or Specifications.

8) How much Training Do I receive?

Supreme Smoothie® will provide basic management training for up to 2 trainees during 2 weeks Training period (minimum of 20 hours per week) At Supreme Smoothie®'s offices and a company - owned Supreme Smoothie® Business.

9) Can I open multiple Stores?

Yes, We allow as many franchises to be opened up. As long as the Franchisee runs the store under the by-laws of Supreme Smoothie® Agreements.

10) Does your franchise Finance?

No. Supreme Smoothie® does not offer direct or indirect finance or does not guarantee your loans, leases or other obligation.

11) What do You sell at your place of business?

Supreme Smoothie® store offers "made to order" Smoothie health food service, specializing in Smoothie frozen fruit drinks, yogurt oriented products and incidental food service compromised of pita, wrap, croissant and Kaiser roll sandwiches (such as boca, veggie, black beans burgers; turkey, grilled chicken, tuna and eggs (whites); salads, soups, snack breads (Banana or carrot), cookies, juices and health food items; such as meal replacement drinks (Lean Body, Myoplex and Met Rx) and protein bars, health supplements and health snacks.

12) What are the hours of operation at your establishment?

Hours of operation for a Supreme Smoothie Franchise is Monday - Friday 7:30 Am - 8:00 Pm, Saturday 9:00Am - 8:00Pm, and Sunday 11:00Am - 5:00Pm

13) How Do I get started?

Click on Contact us Icon to obtain information on how to start a Supreme Smoothie Franchise.




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